Percocet and Alcohol: Risks and Dangers

The most serious potential side effect is depressed breathing, which can result in death. If someone has mixed alcohol and opioids and appears to be at risk of complications, a person should call emergency services. When opioids such as oxycodone and alcohol are combined, it can have devastating effects. Drinking alcohol while using opioids comes […]

Alcohol Brain Fog After Drinking? Causes, Symptoms, & Treatment

Medical supervision is always recommended because detox can be such an unpleasant — and even life-threatening — experience. One effective alcohol addiction treatment is through cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). It helps individuals recognize and change negative thought patterns and behaviors that lead to alcohol misuse. The consumption of alcohol leads to an interference with alcohol […]

Tips to stop drinking out of boredom

So whether you are an absent-minded drinker or a lonely or anxious one, what can you do to prevent drinking out of boredom? Here are 5 tips to help you make changes to your drinking habits that could help you feel better, for good. It’s very common for people, especially those with additional mental health issues […]